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You Can’t Do It 



None of us can. Together we achieve more.

Shop Local Truth is a full service Public Relations firm servicing Mississippi and Tennessee businesses with a lot of #LocalLove.  We truly believe in community over competion. We get your business thriving outside of the social media box.

What We do


Every business doesn’t have the same goal or budget and we know that.  At SLT we work with you and your specific needs to help you thrive & grow all while giving God the glory!

At Shop Local Truth, we:

  • Create content and manage your social pages
  • Review current marketing trends and advertisements and develop PR strategies and campaigns
  • Organize events and serve as the company’s spokesperson
  • Create and maintain a successful brand and image that attracts customers to the product or service


There are two types of people in this world: those who do, and those who don’t.

Here’s the truth: I have always been a “do’er”, but I haven’t always given all the glory to God and that left me wondering around with just a whole lot of energy and nowhere to put it.  I have always been told I have so much energy and have always had people say things like “Haley, how do you do all that you do?” and to be honest, I didn’t know. Now I do. Its because of God and the SPIRITUAL GIFTS He has given me.

Prior to 2020, Some may say I was the world’s biggest Amazon shopper. It wasn’t until the world shut down that I saw my local business friends struggle and realized how hard business owners work just to keep the lights on. Since then, I have a new found appreciation for the underdog: the men and women that break their backs every day to make our community what it is — home. 

Mississippi native, a lawyer’s wife and mom of two – Grace Evelyn and Frances –  I’m a true Enneagram 8; a leader with a helper’s heart and natural nurturer who loves to lend a hand. I’m a child of God and start every day in The Word. I’ve spent the last two years of my life praying over my spiritual gifts and how to use them to glorify Him and have felt called to merge my love for God with my heart of service. 

I am so excited to pour into this community by affordably providing my God-given strengths to the businesses that need it. Let’s get to know each other!

“Prove yourselves doers of the word and not merely hearers who delude themselves.” – James 1:22

That is just what I am doing now, yall. Doing what the THE LORD has called me to do.

Let’s keep it real. 

Driving purchases is just one of the many benefits that comes from having a strong content marketing strategy.



Do you feel like your business is hitting a dead end when it comes to sales?


Do you question if you're talking to the right audience?


do you desire to increase your social reach? (online and in the real world)

Our team has spent years learning by living in this community and earning trust and respect, but more importantly — we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ first. With a lot of faith, and a love for local businesses, hand over control and let us help you improve your return on investment through authentic relationships and TRUTH. 


We don’t do reviews here, if a local business has made it to our page, that IS the review.  Everyone on our team is well respected and has a good judge of character. When building the SLT team, we made sure to not just group women that were all alike.  These women have different styles and taste, giving you all a good variety of whats out there to love and experience.


I’m a Local Business

Are you a locally owned business looking to grow your customer relationships and online presence? We require no long term commitment. Pay as you go – no contract! Fill out an application so that we can better understand your needs and get you growing.


Haley Dollarhide

Founder and Owner

It takes one to know one and Haley knows, well, everybody. With a gift of gab and a love of helping others, Haley possesses a natural ability of emphasizing the good in people and giving with no strings attached. In addition to the Shop Local Truth, Haley wears many hats, such as taking family portraits, singing in a band, staying very active in her church, and so much more. 

 Love others so radically they wonder why. 

there’s a lot to say about this photo.. these men.. & how our lives are still being impacted by them even though one of them is in heaven.
this is a picture of John, Michael “Caples”, & Phil 4 years ago on this day. It was the night John made partner. I can confidently say that alongside some others, these two men have been incredible mentors throughout John’s career….& life.

I could write a million special things about all three of these men but i want to focus on Caples today. This man is the actual- literal reason John Dollarhide & I live our life. We take chances. We up and moved our family to another state. We buy the things. We take the risks. …& most importantly, drink the nice wine.
When Caples went to be with Jesus, something changed in John… i think it was a wake up moment. Like, hey- you may never actually get to wait until you retire or you may never actually get to ____when you pay off your mortgage. LIVE WHILE YOU CAN. -

This picture came up on my time hop and i smiled so big- bc I know Caples is still in fact mentoring John… we live our life to the absolute fullest and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thanks be to God.

cliff notes: do what brings you joy || live your best life


for the freaking boys. Let the good times roll. ...

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Merry Christmas!
What a wonderful year filled with so many blessings!

I hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends!
Xo- haley

Getting a message like this makes my grinch heart swell!

I’ve worked so hard this year and taken the biggest leap of faith to help other businesses succeed!

thanks be to God.
🤍 @haleydollarhide